Slating (Roofing) Nails have a large, flat head, annular ring and diamond points. The copper roofing nails are frequently used for copper flashing applications, and … For projects with a more rustic or decorative look, we offer square-cut nails and upholstery fasteners . Rough hewn fasteners are an affordable way to add a dash of character to many woodworking or construction projects. Upholstery nails resemble large thumb tacks, but are generally sturdier, and suitable for heavier duty projects. Special screws work for hardwood, vinyl and carpeted floors. Find the joist, using the tooling provided in the kit. Then place the tripod fixture over the joist and drive the scored screw through the fixture as far as the fixture will allow.

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Fasteners . Nuts and washers are measured by the size of the fastener they fit, heremon washer and nut sizes range from 5/16” to 1/4”. Rivets are used for making watertight hulls on pressure tanks, boilers, ships, etc. and are available in blind, push-in, and screw-in designs. Pins are thin metal fasteners used for securing light loads or cargo,.