Fasteners - their Need and Types. The female part can also be a nut. Here are some ways by which a fastened joint can be created. - Based on the application area of the fastener, the head portion of the fastener is available in various shapes and sizes as shown below. You've found the right place! Fasteners are tools that are typically used to hold to materials together. You probably know them as screws, nuts and bolts or a similar object. Fasteners hold our world together. But there are more questions you'll need to answer before you're ready to buy fasteners. Fasteners . Fasteners are an integral part of daily life. Our whole day is spent trying to keep things together. Latches keep doors shut tight. Buttons and zippers close our clothes. Velcro keeps a child's shoe from flying off. All of these are fasteners, and similar tools have a role in home repair.

Mar 20, 2018 Industrial fasteners refer to high-quality fasteners that are used in a variety of applications, ranging from the automobile industry to maritime and construction projects. People generally use the terms ‘industrial fasteners ’ and ‘permanent fasteners’ interchangeably. PPG today announced that it will hereplete line of fastener coatings and global support capabilities for the automotive, construction and general metal-fabrication industries at the 2017 International Fastener Expo, Oct.